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Air Conditioning Maintenance & Service

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Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance is completed with reference to the relevant legislation and standards as well as the Refrigerant Handling Code of Practice, AIRAH HVAC&R Maintenance DA19, and OEM operation and maintenance manuals.

We offer maintenance styled contracts:


Independent condition reports and auditing

Sometimes, despite repeated call-outs and attendance by varied service technician’s problematic refrigeration and air conditioning equipment will not keep design conditions. Such issues can persist and lead to a blow out of maintenance costs and lost productivity.

If call-outs and breakdowns become a regular occurrence, it’s time to reassess the situation. An independent audit and detailed report on the condition of the equipment will uncover whether the issues relate to the design and installation, failure in ongoing maintenance, or the age of equipment. With this information, the equipment owner can then take the appropriate action and gain control of their equipment operating cost.


Call-out and breakdown service

We foster continued and ongoing customer service. By promoting practices that reduce breakdown with established contracted maintenance, we are afforded the flexibility to attend call-outs and provide our specialised services to new customers.

Feel free to contact us to schedule site attendance and discuss the servicing of your equipment.


HVAC Hygiene and detailed coil cleaning

An investment in coil cleaning of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment will

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve equipment service life and reliability
  • Maintain design temperatures and equipment operating conditions
  • Optimise occupants’ comfort and the built environment.

We have the right tools and methodology to ensure best practice in delivering a clean and efficient operating system. Contact us to discuss coil cleaning and hygiene maintenance of your air-handling or refrigeration equipment.


Design and Installation

We can partner with our preferred design engineers, suppliers and installers to give you the best posable outcomes and support for your project. This includes designing for the full service life of the equipment to capture true ongoing economic and environmental costs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance & Service