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Maintenance Contract 

Comprehensive Maintenance

Our Comprehensive Maintenance covers parts and labour for scheduled maintenance plus related repairs, so you can accurately manage and budget maintenance costs. Comprehensive maintenance may be offered on equipment following a site audit and condition analysis. 

Performance-Based Contract

Performance-Based Maintenance. Scheduled site inspection and reporting on condition-based maintenance tasks coupled with our expertise are used to build tailored regular maintenance to optimise outcomes for your equipment. We believe that a performance-based delivery of maintenance can help deliver the best economy over the serviceable life of your equipment.

Scheduled Maintenance Contract

Scheduled maintenance tasks are delivered on time-based criteria. All reactive and repair work is completed externally to the maintenance contract. Scheduled maintenance is a low-cost contract but can lead to higher operating costs with scrupulous or inexperienced service providers.

We offer transparency by detailing a schedule of labour hours, tasks completed, and any mark-up of parts when charging.