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Daniel's AC & Refrigeration is an HVAC&R contractor for the Hills and Greater Sydney area specialising in servicing of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. We place high importance on completing performance-based maintenance and diagnostics to avoid downtime and expensive callouts for customers.


Our personal experience is that a combination of scheduled and performance-based servicing of HVAC&R equipment reduce our customers operating costs and increase the reliability of their equipment. In creating customer value, performance-driven service and analysis become tools to tune and maintain equipment rather than the usual limited scheduled checks that foster breakdowns and reactive work.


Daniel is a mechanical tradesperson who started as a fitter-and-turner, working in the aluminium smelting industry. He has had over fifteen years' experience in refrigeration and air conditioning working in high rise commercial buildings, pharmaceutical, supermarkets, process cooling, and industrial refrigeration.


Talk to Daniel today and see how you can gain control of your maintenance budget, improve efficiency, and optimise the performance of your HVAC&R operations.

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Coil Clean Services

HVAC hygiene and specialised refrigeration and coil cleaning services.

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Daniels Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

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